BDE Digital Online Course

Experience an immersive and Ministry-approved digital learning journey with AUTOZ. Join us as we equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to emerge as a confident and responsible driver.

Price & Payment Method

$650 + Tax

Program Overview

Introducing AUTOZ’s Ministry-Approved B.D.E. Digital Online Course

As an authorized Ministry of Transportation-approved digital online driver education program provider, AUTOZ offers a comprehensive B.D.E. Digital Online Course designed to empower aspiring drivers with essential knowledge and skills for safe driving practices.

Call or text our office numbers (613) 884-1705 for detailed information.

Features of our Digital Online Driving Course:

  • 20 hours of self-study in-class course paired with 10 hours of online homework.
  • Full one-year access to complete the online course, including home link assignments.
  • 10 hours of personalized in-car training with an automatic vehicle.

Please Note:

Students enrolled in the B.D.E. Digital Online Course must complete the full course – consisting of 30 hours of online instructions and 10 hours of in-car instructions – within one year of registration. No refunds will be issued if the course is not completed within this timeframe.

Our B.D.E. course is available in multiple languages:

1. English
2. French
3. Arabic
4. Spanish
5. Chinese

Join us at AUTOZ for a dynamic and Ministry-approved digital learning experience, tailored to help you become a confident and responsible driver.


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